Digger Brad
Who says you can’t find buried treasure?
Brad “Digger Brad” Bocksel has found numerous treasures with his metal detectors over the past 17 years.

On a treasure hunt to Hunstanton England near the Queens Sandringham House of Norfolk, Digger Brad found artifacts from the Roman Empire. England is one of Digger Brads favorite places due to its long history and the age of the artifacts he has recovered. “I can’t believe I’m holding these items!”

While detecting the British sites he has unearthed Roman coins 44-66, as well as coins that were used by the Romans from the 13th century through the 19th century. A Roman Broach used to hold a toga was also uncovered.

In his home town on Long Island NY, Digger Brad has dug up such items as Hard-Tines Tokens, Spanish coins and uniform buttons from the war of 1812.

During one of his in-water hunting expeditions, he found a gold Irish wedding ring while detecting at the ocean. Digger has helped people find missing jewels. He helped a woman find her engagement ring and wedding band that had been lost in the sand.

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